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July 29, 2017


A Cape Coral family said a monitor lizard is living in their attic.


(Thanks to Ralph)


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We had a baby monitor once, but I suppose you don't get featured on the news for that.

One plus of having a monitor lizard in your attic is it keeps vagrants from living there.

So what is the lizard "monitoring"?

If he does a good job, let's send him to Capitol Hill.

Digestive tracks

Meaning 'people who want to be righteous in their sin'
Not just the political and media people
(Not really very expensive)

I had a 4' pet Nile Monitor. All it wanted to do was sit in the sun on the floor or window sill. It never bit me, and the only problem was putting it back in its cage when it didn't want to go – their claws are sharp.

However, I've never heard of a roof monitor before. Hall monitors, on the other hand, can be ferocious.

What is a whole monarch theatre?

The Merrimack lizard obviously lived on the south side of the street.

Wow. I only have a couple of raccoons in mine.

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