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July 28, 2017


Two women are in hospital with broken bones after a THREESOME went wrong with one falling off a balcony as she reached climax and the other slipping as she ran to help in Germany

This has been The News From Abroad.

(Thanks to Patty Villanova and ImNotDave)


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These house rules for Twister get weirder all the time.

That's quite a broad

This is why sex should only be done in a bedroom under the supervision of a therapist.

They should meet in a jump castle the next time.

Now that's some Bad Breisig.

Not reported is that the man also suffered injuries to his arm, from all the high-fives from the medics and police officers.

The man's call for help was delayed while he waited for the email containing his Tumblr password reset.

Peompting inspiration for Snoop Dog to write songs about "they ain't heavy, they my love bitches" and
"When love cums tumblin downe..."

I am still trying to discern what a "positional quarrel" entails?

WV -- Who's on first?

ubetcha - I think in this case it is "who's in first?"

Haven't any of you ever fallen for someone?

Not that hard. Wait -- that's what HE said.

I wonder if the woman who fell off the balcony was able to "complete" everthing before she hit the ground, iykwim.

"Yes, she stuck the dismount but she's going to lose points for the landing."

And the guy is in a bar somewhere bragging how he had two beautiful chicks fall for him at the same time.

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