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July 29, 2017


Here's the Surprising Way the Milky Way Galaxy Got So Massive

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Since the @stopclickbait account hasn't stepped in, I'll fill the role:

"Surprising new research suggests that half of it originated in distant galaxies"

I'd rather see Neil Degrassee Tyson explain this weight gain, or maybe Dr. Oz.

Boy I read fast.. not.

Surprising for sure, since God spoke it into existence

Never let the weeds of others' discontent continue in you

So our galaxy got big by stealing other galaxies stuff. Sounds about right to me.

Nope. This is Gods' a testing.
The universe is expanding, however;
As other galaxies are racing away

...supernovas spew out vast amounts of gas and that the resulting “galactic winds” blast atoms across intergalactic space from one galaxy to another.

I knew farts were involved, even though Pringles may or may not have been to blame.

I also got massive after eating too many Milky Way chocolate bars.

Ewww, let me guess..

" Pringles may or may not have been to blame. "

More likely Doritos.

So the Milky Way has the munchies... explains a lot.

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