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July 27, 2017


Teacher who cartwheeled without underwear given probation

This has been your Oklahoma Education Report.

(Thanks to Patty Villanova, Al Barkafski and Steve K,  who says "It gets pretty hot in Oklahoma, even in February.")


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Send her to Washington.

Asssault with a deadly something or other.

Her cartwheel didn't bother me, until I saw her picture. Is that wrong?

Wait'll you see her routine on the uneven bars.

"thank you for noticing"--she never said this, as far as I can tell....

And she had sex with male students? Who saw that (he he) coming?

This should handled on a case-by-case basis. But in this case, they made the right decision. o.O

The school board said it was a split decision.

Major snork at Le Pet!

Choir practice never will be the same!

"Isn't that called "advertising" to the Choir?

It was a rather cunning stunt.

Procol Harum fans want to know if the teacher also received probation for skipping the light fandango?

So she decided to clam up.

That one time... in choir camp.

I assume cartwheeling is a normal activity during choir class.

Maybe a student asked her "What does Willie Nelson look like?"

dear rudolf, yes.

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