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July 28, 2017


Security officer allegedly steals $100,000 first day on the job

(Thanks to Rick Day and Le Petomane)


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If caught, he can always use the George Costanza defense...

"Was it wrong of me to do that? Because had I known..."

Just a test of the security camera system.

Of the missing $14,100, $100 went to the Uber getaway driver, with the balance diversely invested in mid cap mutual funds, growth stocks, and T-bills.

Naw, just kidding. Strippers.

Some people just can't hang onto money.

I recall a manager we had once who when told of a parking lot attendant stealing money from the til, he want to know what the guy's trick was. We had to look at him and say "he just took the money".

He should have read the book, The Dummies Guide To Robbing Your Workplace before doing this. It could have saved him a lot of time and trouble.

Right, cindy. He never heard of starting slow and working his way up.

A real mastermind.

We had a guy embezzle more than $250,000 from where I work, over a period of several years. When caught, his defense was "Yes, I did it, but I already spent the money!"

How come I don't have friends like that? Think of the parties he must have had!

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