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July 30, 2017


Uniformed Hooters Waitress Busted Following Tussle With Fellow Female Employee

(Thanks to Ralph)


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This story is useless without video. Meh.

I did like the "Evinrude" comment at TSG, though.

First I thought it said "Uninformed" Hooters waitress.

I saw Hooters Waitress Beatdown open for Minnie Pearl.

Are there any unbusted Hooters waitresses? I thought it was a job requirement.

"Uniformed Hooters Waitress Busted" is an oxymoron, isn't it?

In response to the new competition from Hooters, Chuck E. Cheese is considering "Beatdown Fridays" with special drink prices and discount medical care.

How many blog guys tell their wives or girlfriends they only go to Hooters for the chicken wings?

NC,I go for the breasts. Chicken that is.

NC, guys prefer Cracker Barrel food eight to one over Hooters--(whenever wives or girlfriends are listening)

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