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July 02, 2017


Roger Thibodeau, a Liquor Barrel clerk, posted a video of a bear walking through the store's front door about 8:30 a.m.

(Thanks to Jane L.)


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He was looking for Wild Turkey, but he couldn't read?

Continuing funny man's comment: "Bear, this is not the Wild Turkey you are looking for. Move along now."

I always wondered about that slogan: " The bear that made Milwaukee famous. "

Still waiting for an animal to do this when a priest, rabbi or minister is in the store.

Like an earlier comment I made...if there was a headline about beer in his store, no one would be surprised.

Unless it was self-animated?

"We don't get a lot of bears in here."

"And at these prices for single malt you won't see this one again."

What? No Florida driver's license?

I bet the clerk is strong. He has the right to bear arms.

Since When doesn't a Liquor Store welcome a new customer???

Through? More like into?

Now that would be funny. Unless it was a people.

Is this a hoax?

Well, I suppose it's bearly possible. But why a liquor store? Is something bruin'? It's a pawsability, I guess.

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