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July 16, 2017


Bizarre urinal cake heist under investigation in Germany

(Thanks to Ralph)


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My bet is the thieves set up a stall at next month's urinal cake bazaar.

What... No recipe ?

The cops thought they had seen it all, but this heist takes the cake.

Bizarre Urinal Cake Heist opened for Johnny Cash.

Police have nothing to shoot for.

Cake! D'oh! YUMMY!

It's a stall tactic.

♫ I didn't think that they could take it
But it took so long to wake Schmidt
And I'll never have that freshening again!!
Ach, nein! ♬

They probably thought it was uranium "yellowcake" used for nukes...not this kind of yellowcake.

It's gonna be tough selling these things out of a car trunk...

They're takin' the piss, mate.

(Snork @ PirateBoy)

Minty fresh.

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