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June 27, 2017


Researchers suggest replacing car honks with duck quacks

(Thanks to Ralph)


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It would have to be loud to prevent a quack-up.

Researchers test different sounds on some 100 volunteers, who find quacking to be more pleasant than cars' normal angry honks.

Definitely unclear on the concept. I'm not honking to produce a symphony. Now get out of my way and stay off my lawn!

I vote for moooove.

"The Hyundai says: Baaaaa!"

Uh, isn't "distraction" kind of the point?

Always was a fan of the classic "Ah-OOH-gah!"

I'm sensing a would-be issue with the vision impaired trying to traverse a cross-walk who hears repetitive quacking as he or she goes along.

Not during hunting season.

This survey was probably funded by AFLAC.

This is despicable!

Get Down!

I've always wanted to mount a bazooka on my hood. I'd be OK if it quacked, as long as it got the job done.

And trust me -- no one goes near my lawn.

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