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June 30, 2017


NASA Denies That It’s Running a Child Slave Colony on Mars

(Thanks to Allen at Division, who says "They would say that, wouldn't they...")


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This story was breaking news here at the Roswell, New Mexico UFO Convention. Another bombshell is the revelation that many of our world leaders are androids planted to replace the real people. They are manufactured in an underground base at Area 51 in a joint venture with the Grays.

Next you'll be telling me Hillary isn't running a child sex ring out of the pizza shop basement.

Take us to your sociopathic leader.

Again, wouldn't that make them an illegal alien?

Those of you who have seen the 1959 movie Santa Claus, as riffed by MST3K and Rifftrax, know that Jolly Old Saint Nicholas is the one running the child slave colony on Mars.

I have a feeling the cheese has slipped off Robert David Steele's cracker a few times, iykwim. Besides, NASA is too busy probing Uranus right now.

Le Pet: is it possible that Mr. Trump is (gasp) an alien android? That would explain a lot.

Northern Neighbor- I try to avoid politics, but I think you may be onto something. Take care not to "disappear" as some do checking things like this out.

They're not children; they're small, yes, but these green men are adult slaves.

It's about time the wild-eyed whackos moved from being sidelined on supermarket magazine racks to a role in mainstream media.

Clankie-Are you SURE they haven't already made that move?

According to unnamed sources, the Washington Post is reporting that CNN has determined the Trump Russian spies are behind it

There's this1 and also this2 and finally

If it's in the Brit press and wikileaks, it must be true, sorta, right?

NASA issued a formal statement deploring the cheap sensationalism of the gutter press, in view of the well-known fact that NASA now has the problem relatively under control.

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