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June 24, 2017


Found: A Viking Toilet, the Oldest Bathroom in Denmark

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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"It's a latrene!"
"It's a toilet!"

Guys, can't it be both? Or will this arguement continue indefinitely?

4 years of college, 23 of master's level classes, 4 years for the PHD and the lead item on the resume is 'I found a toilet'

Says the Head Archaeologist.

Of course the seat was up and the roll was empty.

This makes me wonder about Stonehenge...

The definitive clues were the pile of used matches and the copy of The New Yorker.

What surprises me most is that there were "previous ideas of Viking bathroom culture." And I'm not sure which definition of culture they're using here.

This version of the story says the honey may have come from mead.

Tests are under way to see how much of the remaining feces of drunken Vikings came from spam.

They called the number on the wall and Jenny answered.

They found Sam Bradford's NFL jersey at the top of the pile....

There were prunes in the Danish. Made them regular. Even waaay back then.

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