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June 23, 2017


Woman Finds Frog in Salad at BJ’s Restaurant in West Covina, Says She Still Feels Sick a Week Later

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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♫ Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal...

At least she didn't wake up the next day with a frog in her throat.

A few more days and that little lady will be fine as a frog hair.

West Covina has a growing population of squirrels with lots of time on their nuts.

Anybody know how to get a hold of Rufus and Theodre "Ted" Logan? We've got to go back in time, remove that frog, and make San Dimas great again!

And after that, maybe they could repair the US election?

Well, I can only hope....

Another case of superficial news reporting. What kind of frog was it, please?

Hey, extra protein, and she's complaining?

Plus, she got frog's legs, which should be $10 extra...although I guess having the legs come attached to the rest of the frog's body does knock that price down a bit...

Hey, at least she found the frog in her salad....

Now everybody will want a frog in their salad.

What's worse than finding a frog in your salad?

Finding half a frog....


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