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June 22, 2017


Wasp flies in Costa Rica president’s mouth, he eats it

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Send him to Washington.

Him or the wasp?

I bet our Fearless Leader doesn't have the balls to do that.

He's gonna make Costa Rica great again

Proving that you shouldn't sweat the small stuff. He has my vote.

Big deal. I do that on my bike about once a week.

Luis Guillermo Solis, Wolf Blitzer and a WASP walk into a bar.

Point taken, pad. But .. have you ever officially opened in the south of the country?

argh .. ^ officially opened an asphalt plant in the south of the country.

The man is known for his stinging wit.

What political consultant dreamed that one up ?

It was a baby wasp. It stings, but then so do some forms of liquor. (hint-liquor is quicker?)

How come you're always such a fussy young man
Don't want no Captain Crunch, don't want no Raisin Bran
Well, don't you know that other kids are starving in Japan
So eat it, just eat it

I think WASP was the only ethnic slur NOT heard in Clint Eastwoods GRAND TORINO.

MOTW, my asphalt is well planted during and after every bike ride.

Hmmmm... does Al Yankovic suddenly have a striking resemblance to ligirl?

What does he have to swallow to catch the wasp?

...or possibly manual tomato, who's been on a real Frank Jacobs bender lately?

It's not manual tomato. I don't know how to spell Al.

padraig, sounds a lot like Meanie the Blue too.
btw, when you mention your bike are you talking "Harley" or "Schwinn"?

"Diamondback", I'll have you know. Like the snake. The VICIOUS BITING SCARY snake.

mt: you're weird al?

No. I did not post using Al Y. as a Posted by sign in. I agree with Padraig the Al Yankmychainovic post suspiciously resembles ligirl's style. Her noteworthy style and technique could have her landed in jail with her posting from the Law library computer as Al Yan!@@!ovic. When has money in her account put there by her pen pals I mean.

....that clears things up.. I think

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