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June 28, 2017





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I give up. What is it?

It looks like a cross between Toucan Sam and Woody Woodpecker.

Nah. That's Dave Barry. I don't know tho the guy on the right is

Uh oh. Is Michelle hanging out with David Beckham again?

Those are some pretty exotic shorts, Dave.

Golazo. Spanish for "creepy feathered guy"...

Nice blue shirt, weird bird guy.

Bird has foot problems.

Bird looks like he just drank a pot of espresso.

As a fellow soccer Dad, I appreciate the mascot.

While I wouldn't want to soccer, I'd at least want to shoo her away.

While I wouldn't want to soccer, I'd at least want to shoo her away.

Is this Dave's subtle way of giving the blog the bird?

Jeffery Peckerman is more relaxed now that he knows what to expect at The Wine Shop.

Amoeba: That really was sucking up.

^ Aim t'please, Mister Dave. :o)

(By the way Alan Zweibel is on Tell Me Everything right now. Have they invited you yet?)

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