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June 26, 2017


Boy, 7, charged for urinating onto steaks on neighbor's grill

(Thanks to Layla)


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But he did not apply any seasoning rub, IYKWIM.

Well, when I was 5 I went to the bathroom in a toilet ....that was in a display window at a store.

The 7-year-old boy was charged with one count of malicious destruction of property of $1,000.

Must've been some gee-golly prime cut steaks. The fact that he was caught on camera: BUSTED.

I'm hoping that the guy reached out to the boy's parents to try to resolve this first. In my day, a creative solution of hard work to pay off the infraction would have been applied (yard work, etc.).

♫   I am on my way
  I can go the distance
  I don't care how far
  Somehow I'll be strong
  I know ev'ry mile
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OK, granted, gross, disgusting, etc--but, ya gotta admit, the kid had great aim!

I bet his mom is more upset that he can't seem to hit the toilet.

"... Five-year-old urinated OFF THE ROOF OF HIS HOUSE..."

Timmy, what have we said about urinating off the roof?!
Now come down. The neighbors have invited us over for steaks.

A vegatarian?

Send him to the slaughter-house. (To watch and learn.)

Hope you're proud of yourself sir. You ruined a child's life. Now shut up, sit down and eat your steak!

Q: Where does a boy go when he has to go?

A: If you said "roof", you are too permissive a parent.

Yum. It does have a little wang to it.

I'm glad he wasn't standing any closer to the grill because he could have burned his little winkie if he'd been closer to the fire. MOTW, my parents would have made me apologize and then work to pay off the price of the steaks. It would have been stand up work too because I would have had difficulty sitting down for a few days. Where was mom and dad when little Timmy was climbing on the roof?

Urine trouble, boy.

nusecindy- Little Timmy learned from Lassie the correct method of a guy marking his territory (or steaks). Now little Timmy is so depressed he'll go fall in the well again.

Unzip your flies with that?

So this makes him a whiz kid?

@ Jeff M: That description fits like a glove.

Personally I think the kid's a bit of a Troll, Too.

Best headline ever!!

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