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June 28, 2017


Suspect hands 'Get out of jail free' Monopoly card to deputy

(Thanks to John Mayson and Ralph)


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Almost as funny as seeing this guy, Kenneth McDonald, who always played a shyster criminal in many Three Stooges films, becoming a judge in Perry Mason series.

What message has been sent?

Oh, the umanity!

In Minn. apparently the authorities take a fifth-degree controlled substance warrant REALLY seriously. Whatever a fifth-degree controlled substance warrant is. Probably much worse than a fourth-degree where when applied, the card should have worked just fine.

His wife's card said "Community Chest".

Did he also ask for $200?

Do what he says! He has a thimble!

Good one, MOTW.

Taking the Fifth apparently doesn't mean the same thing in Minnesota as it does in the rest of the country.

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