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June 14, 2017


Kansas man who robbed bank to escape wife gets home-confinement sentence

(Thanks to Another Ralph and Andrew Mendez)


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But I made the plea deal and chose capital punishment over home-confinement?

I'm surprised he hasn't been on Maury or Dr. Phil yet,

That poor man!
Oh, the humanity

Can you say irony? I knew that you could.

Even worse is that he won't be sleeping in the garage or on the living room sofa.

So Mr. Smarty Pants, you just had to go and rob a bank and did you even think about how it would make me look? No. And you know why? Because you never think of anyone else but yourself just like the time we went to my cousin's wedding and you just had to drink that second glass of wine and then the time.............................
Yep! It's going to be a long home confinement for him.

nursecindy nailed it. Rod Serling pegged this perfectly in his short story "Pamela's Voice" (adapted from his Night Gallery TV episode).

And Get Well, NC!

Would cruel and unusual punishment be home confinement with both wifey AND the mother-in-law?

@wanderer2575--Good example, but it could have been worse like it was in the original Star Trek episode: I Mudd, where the poor Mudd gets 500 exact android duplicates of his shrewish wife to put up with.

Judge Mikado could not be reached for rhyming comment.

I hope he's kept on a suicide watch.

At work, the attorneys suggested a Cruel and Unusual approach to an appeal.

Hmmm, CraigsList has a pair of ears for sale.

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