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June 28, 2017


Man dressed as T. rex kayaks down flooded street


(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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Now there's something you don't see every day! (I mean the kayak!)

I thought about getting a costume like that to attend my wife's family reunion over the July 4 holiday. It turns out that I'm not invited again.

Thank the Lord that guard dog was there protecting the people on shore.

If it were a real T-Rex, we would have horizontal video. And it would be wearing a PFD.

Barney's having a bad color day.

What are the sounds of old T. Rex?

This happens far too often.

They crawl out of the woodwork when the weather turns nasty.

Where was this guy in the last election when we needed him ?

Row, Row, row your kayak merrily down the street
devouring all the people you meet
Life is so sweet
when you are a T-Rex rowing down the street
Devouring all the people you meet

That's how Godzilla comes to Canada.

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