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June 26, 2017


He Decided To Tee Off From His Friend's Butt And It Went Exactly As You'd Expect

Advisory: Butt.

(Thanks to Rose Marie Dammann)


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The 60's called. You people of the 10's are far more peak stupid.

Hey, it was a double dog dare. What choice did he have?

(That was also the story behind his buddy's beard.)

Oops, should have yelled "Two!"

Wonder if he called for a Mulligan ?

He asked for a drop and his friend thought trou.

Looks like a pain in the butt....

"Does this golf ball and Tee make my butt look huge?"

"Well, if you have to ask....Yes!"

He got a one in hole.

"He's cracked the butt swing!"

Tee man should be happy his friend didn't take a divot.

P.s. - Bonus points for the golfer, who never took his eyes off the trajectory of his drive as it rolled down the fairway, while tee man was yelping. That my friends is concentration.

P.p.s. - per USGA rules, assess a two-stroke penalty for grounding the club in a "hazard" lie.

They sell special long tees for that lie. Maybe he didn't use one, or pushed it in too far.

At least he didn't use another body part as a tee, iykwim.

He should have used a wedgie on that hole.

I can't wait to see him stomp down the divot.

I can't wait to see him stomp down the divot.

No divot. This is a crack shot we're looking at.

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