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June 30, 2017


Man Yells Obscenities From Bushes In Vero Beach

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Spicey? Is that you again?

99 Banana Schnapps - the breakfast of champions.

Demand Drink 99 Banana Schnapps and head for the bushes.

Guaranteed to slur your speech but leaving the obscenities to be heard loud and clear.

Prosecuting attorney in court: "Kid, you drank an entire bottle of 99 Banana Schnapps. Why, you aren't able to handle even 2 Banana schnapps. What were you thinking. You weren't thinking, were you kid?"

It's always the Bushes' fault, isn't it ?

Just tell Jeb to call the police.


I can just imagine the obscenities the force wrote about me when I was disorderly. Insert clever response here.

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