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June 25, 2017


Would Your Dog Eat You If You Died?

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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In a comparative study, scientists have observed that cats are far more finicky eaters than dogs, albeit the scientists were stoned at the time and not all that good at playing dead.

Anyone seen Paul lately?

Note to self: cut down on bacon.

Happy belated (?) birthday, Meanie!

He might. He has terrible taste.

Why do you think dogs are always licking you? It;s a "taste test". if you expire, and your dog has access...well...

Cannibals set up a toll booth outside Midway Airport. They charged an arm and a leg.

@Jeff: not belated until tomorrow. Thanks!

When my cat's food dish is empty, she jumps in a chair and just stares at me. I don't think being dead or even feeling bad is a requirement for a cat to start munching on you.

Likely both cats and dogs are much like Will Rogers or Sawney Bean and never met a person they didn't like.

I've always wanted a pet vulture, but I'll certainly be reevaluating things in light of this.

I'm not too worried about my Chihuahua. She's a picky eater and says she doesn't care for Irish food.

She still might go after your ramparts though, nursecindy.

@nursecindy-There are stories told around campfires in the remote parts of Mexico of ravenous packs of wild Chihuahuas dragging people out of their shelters and devouring them. Of course, they are only legends...aren't they?

"What's that, Lassie? You say Timmy's in the well, and you WHAAAT???? YECKKKKKK!"

"I have a bone to pick from you," he said during the Reign Of Terrier.

Caption for the photo at the link of the doggie licking his (her?) chops:

Patience, Rover. Patience.

My bark, his bite.

Le Petomane, my Chihuahua only weighs 7 lbs. I weigh a lot more than 7 lbs. She'd have to call friends over to drag me anywhere.

Bad dog!

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