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June 27, 2017


UFC fighter escapes bad position, poops herself

(Thanks to manual tomato)


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Next time? Immodium, dude.

Aww, C$ap!

Seems like a good defense mechanism.

Sh*t happens.

From one bad position to another.

"Mind if I watch the fight?"

"No, but I can't stand the sight of poop."

My son does MMA. He says there's a strict rule against the use of "foreign objects". I asked whether that includes flinging poo. We discussed it at length. He said there's apparently no rule against it and that it'd have to be a judgement call by the referee.


headline from the other time it happened:

The real meaning of Yoel Romero pooping his pants, and why he's going to do it again

You'd have thought she'd have already taken care of that prior to weigh-in.

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