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June 28, 2017


Deputies search for man who's been tying pantyhose to cars

(Thanks to Ken Morgan)


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Florida Man!

"Dude, put the panty hose back on. Now the skirt. Now get out of my sight.... And have a blessed day"

"We need to identify him before this escalates to a more serious crime." Like, maybe, brassieres?

He's on the run

Joe Namath, he is not.

I'm beginning to think the Blog itself is every Florida Man. These stories can't all be organic, right?

Sheer madness.

Police say they need extra support.

What a hose-bag

May he be plagued with runners in his hose...

Man in tights - today is Mel Brook's birthay, by the way.

How else are you suppose to dry your dainties after you've handwashed them?

""This behavior in and amongst itself..."? Where oh where is Mr. Language Person when you need him?

They go well with the jumper, cable-knit.

He He he

He was a L'eggs freak.

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