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May 26, 2017


Here’s What Happened When Computers Tried Naming Metal Bands

(Thanks to L. Raymond)


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I prefer to name my heavy metal bands by reading online newspaper headlines that are linked from this blog.

Examples, just from this week:
Machete wielding clowns
Parasitic worm spit
Two-headed flatworms
Nokia Dildo
Kung Fu Genitals
Farting Peeing Dinosaurs
Wasp detritus

Pokémon the Jamaican Proctologist opened for Sonny and Squeen.

And Ticket prices just skyrocketed. Bang em if you're stressed, guys.

I didn't see " Three AM Upchucking Feline " on there, so that's what me and the boys have decided to go with.

Verb? Grammar Metal?

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