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May 30, 2017


Two camels cause a massive traffic jam in the desert by mating in the middle of a motorway in Dubai

(Thanks to Patty Villanova and Layla)


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"One hump or two?" the male asked.

They could at least have found a camelot

Dubai has oil rich squirrels who are responsible.

The male walked a mile for this.

Do they share a drink of water after sex?

Schtupp of the desert.

Predicts "Mating in the Middle of the Motorway with You" to be
the runaway country & middle-eastern hit this summer.

Why don't we do it in the road?

I wonder how Waze would depict this incident on the phone app.

What a way to celebrate Hump Day!

Leggo my Eggo

He promised her a spinning gown.

When Joe Camel gets down, the expressway stops.

And love songs of the camels already is on the airwaves!

I paid five dollars to ride a camel at a festival once. Not quite the same though.

P.s. - Today's classic punchline:
(Man runs out of the bar to see the dog humping a French poodle) "Ralph! I've never seen you do THAT before!" (Dog) "I've never had fifty bucks before!"

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