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May 17, 2017


A charity bookstore in Wales has more copies of The Da Vinci Code than it knows what to do with.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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"It was said that a copy of The Da Vinci Code had even found its way into the hands of renowned monarch the Queen."

Are there no landfills ?

Time to invite Dan Brown to the Rock Bottom Remainders...

Public libraries face a similar joy.

They have bomfires on Guy Fawkes Night.

This does not hold a candle to The Jerry Maguire Project with 14,000+ Jerrys.

Time for the "once-in-a-lifetime buy 1 Dan Brown book and get 100 free books" sale!

When this book first came out the Catholic Church was against it. I thought it was because it went against some of the teachings of our faith. I had no idea it was really because it was a lousy book. btw, 99 out of 100 Catholic priests highly recommend Dave's books.

In another parallel universe, if Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry had co-authored The Da Vinci Code, there would be no remainders.

Trade them for a Guttenburg bible.

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