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May 31, 2017


Police evacuate Beaverton 7-Eleven after microwave explosion, find urine sample

(Thanks to Gordon Breault)


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I saw Microwave Explosion open for Hendrix.

They blew me away.

We will never forget 7-11.

A police spokesperson later described chaos the exploding pee generated at ground zero offering the following statement.

As a stop-and-rob alum, I strongly suggest avoiding the microwave and nacho cheese

Recently fired evening newscaster on his way to a job interview.

You're supposed to take the nacho chips out of the baggie first.

There's nothing lower than a terrorist microwave urine bomber.
That's a hanging offense in Texas.

I am shocked! Shocked that this did not happen in Flathead County or Florida.

Oh, the pewmanity. The next attack will be on the hot dog roller of infidel sin.

Microwave Explosion closed for String Cheese Incident.

Violence oh curd.

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