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May 29, 2017


People Are Now Into Fidget Spinner Porn

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Brave of you to confess, Dave. There's a pill for that.

Rule #34

Thanks, Scott - I couldn't remember the rule number!

A big thanks to @ScottMGS...I just wasted 30 minutes looking up Rule #34 (and lots of other 'rules'). Who do I see about getting that 30 minutes of my life back???

*SMACKS* Meanie for Dave.

Fidget Spinner Tricks With a Professional Fidgeter

Let me know when tickets for his world tour go on sale. Or when he moves out of his mother's basement. Whichever comes first.

Fidget and forget it.

Fumbling monitor.

For the digitally agitated, still cheaper than a smart phone.

Why does the binoculars has three eye-holes? What?

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