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May 31, 2017


Teenagers Are Wearing Croissants to the Prom

(Thanks to Bill  Hudgins)


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*reads all the way to end*

A bouquet of KALE? Men have been murdered for less. A croissant is one thing, but kale is Lucifer's vegetable.

They will have to add corsage to the list of most commonly misspelled words.

Savor the moment.

Here's an exchange I actually witnessed on the subway one Halloween:
"What's your costume?"
"I'm a French peasant."
"Oh, French! My friend and I were going to have someone else joining us tonight and she was going to go as a croissant. But she flaked out on us."

I guess this means that Cronuts are passé.

Flowers are expensive - a croissant is a lot less dough.

And these kids are "well bread"?

One company makes a lowfat lowcal croissant.
For those "lighter" moments at the prom.

Giving a croissant is odd.
Giving a doughnut guarantees police protection.
Giving a fried chicken corsage invites attack by stray dogs.
Give a kale corsage and all guarantees are null and void along with any decent chance to make it home undamaged.

Rats. I was hoping that there would be pictures of teens wearing ONLY a croissant.

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