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May 31, 2017


What Are the Most Misspelled Words in Every State?

(Thnaks to The Purts)


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I think the most sadly ironic one (other than "Wisconsin") might be South Dakota. I'm picturing hopeful high school seniors trying to complete entrance exams, whipping out their phones to Google the end of their first sentence, "...which is why I think I should get into your great... um... big school."

Key most misspelled word in Wisconsin is "Wisconsin"?

WTFBBQ? I blame Scott Walker.

What are the words misspelled most in each state? I was better on the Monk entree. Does spelling count?

MT - only if you have a chihuahua

JM, the Wisconsin results are due to Illinois drivers in I-94 coffee shops trying to figure out where to mail their speeding tickets.

Oh, but feel free to blame Scott Walker anyway. It's never a bad guess.

Proof that Mr. Language Person is needed now more than ever!

Too bad people in South Dakota have difficulty spelling that other school place you can go to after high school. Maybe they could just go to college in Wiskonsin.

Does it bother anyone else that "grey" is spelled wrong on Georgia?

See how many of the most commonly misspelled words you can use in one sentence. Go.

@Joe--And they had 50 shades to chose from.

Let me tell you, it was chaos after nanny, who is pushing ninety, got pneumonia and her chihuahua got diarrhea after eating some banana.

I agree with Dave that the ansers are rather suprising. As must be the unthnakful Purts.

Evidently the hardest word to spell in North Carolina is "speech". My Jordyn won a speech and debate contest last week and on her trophy it said, "For Excellence In Speach And Debate". I wanted to cry.

When you're not sure about the spelling of a word just write covfefe.

Aye don't sea what the big deal is. You can always use an online dixshunary.


Nuff said?

I once received a resignation notice from a high school student that work for me that read: "I recieved a scolarship to go to collage"

I asked him if it was an athletic scholarship.


Ninety isn't used as often, so there's more of a chance of forgetting that one, but Twelve?

If the Giants lose a Super Bowl because of twelve men on the field, everyone will learn. (Hello, Saskatchewan.)

I neverer mispel any wrds. I wan speling bea in my vilage.

In Chinese, the word for university literally does mean "big school", I'm reliably informed

I get my mords all wixed up

Shouldn't grammar also count?

Here in Kalifornia, I frequently see store signs for "CD's" and "Taco's".

I wasn't aware that either a CD or a taco could possess anything.

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