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May 28, 2017


The 42-year-old professional still has a repertoire of impressive underwater moves up her sleeve, and one of them includes performing with bright blue armpits.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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John Fugimoto Cameron Swayze holding a Timex underwater was good too as far as sex appeal being the defining order in a TV commercial is concerned.

Ha Ha HA! "Sora" news, as in "My armpits are so sora!"

"In that case your honor, may I tap dance my interpretation of the alleged robbery?"

There's probably a treatment for that.

Brightly colored armpits could cause problems for people swimming in the ocean. Sharply contrasting colors are believed to attract sharks. Yum-yum yellow seems to be especially attractive to the carnivores according to the Discovery Channel.

I saw Bright Blue Armpits open for Mott the Hoople in '74.

I'll never understand Japanese porn.

Doesn't come off, even with water.

Is there some sort of problem I wasn't aware of with Japanese offending underwater?

♬ I want some blue armpits for a cute lady
Mister druggist, take my order please
We had a silly quarrel the other day
I hope this pretty color keeps her stink away.... ♪♪

Was she ever a Blue Meanie?

Beautiful girl. Such a pit dye.

♫ Five foot two, pits of blue
Swims real nice and perky, too --
Has anybody smelled my gal... ♫

I have bright blue armpits every time a wear a bright blue shirt in 90-degree weather, but most people don't consider this to be an impressive move on my part.

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