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May 11, 2017


AN ALIEN with big breasts took a man's virginity in a bizarre night of passion, according to claims in a new film.

(Thanks to DaninDallas)


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""Many of these type of cases came to light in the 1960s but were largely ignored by ufologists..."

Urologists, on the other hand, knew that the idea of human-alien hybrids is a total cockup.

Huggins, who is actually married, says he has fathered several half-alien offspring to date – although it's unclear whether he pays child maintenance towards them.

Hey, if you can't believe the Daily Star, who can you believe?

You can't be serious! - Yes, I am from Sirius!

Aging stars have tried to revive sagging careers with this plot line before.

Whereabouts of the Kardashian clan could not be verified.

These type of reported incidents are rather common here in Roswell, New Mexico. Many believe alien abductions are a side effect of building up bone strength with tequila.

Possibly true: I heard this was the back story behind the Gap Band's "Early in the Morning".

LePet.. you say that Roswell is Now Mexico? Why

Huggins, who is actually married, says he has fathered several half-alien offspring to date and showed us a picture of his first born He keeps in his wallet.

I'm thinking, that in our universe, he is probably still a virgin.

He needs to get his beer goggles fixed ASAP.


"took a man's virginity"

Is that possible? I'm pretty sure it's willingly given at the first opportunity.

You'd be surprised at how often this happens.

nursecindy told me.

Mammalian alien?


There is a galaxy out there 'all your own
What I would like to know is why are there so many out there racing away from this only sane one?

He probably fell asleep watching

16 Candles

Female Extraterrestrial reference starts at 0:45 seconds in.

I would also point out that Mr. Spock on Star Trek was half Vulcan, half human. Q.E.D.

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