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May 30, 2017


Everything's bigger in Texas.

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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I bet it can't pull a bus or a helicopter.

But it was wearing a big toupee when it croaked.

Okay, who's gonna call Warner Brothers with the sad news?

We're gonna need a 600 lumen LED flashlight and a substantially upgraded gig.

It's no Kung Fu master, but Miss Piggy will inflict a good karate chop when she hears about this.

Off topic: as we are out of Memorial Day weekend, and I hadn't see anything mentioned about it here, I'd like to say a belated RIP to Gregg Allman. Like no other, in good and bad ways, but he was a core part of a terrific band and made extraordinary music.

Frogs legs all around!

I saw The Allman Bros. Band live in concert in probably 1973. So many great songs. A buddy named his daughter after one of their great songs.

Manual T - Melissa, Jessica, or Elizabeth?

Jessica. Lets also pay homage to Chris Cornell. My slightly odd other buddy says He named his son B.D. after this masterpiece.

Key quote

"It's not as bigly as it appears,"


That is all.

Hasn't anyone noticed the black hair? Gross.

Not to mention the fact they eat bugs and flies. Eww.

Oh, but they hop! Uh, ok, you can have its butt!

The French have declared a national holiday!

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