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May 16, 2017


A Union Station ad screen played PornHub videos Monday night

(Thanks to Stephan Smith)


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"... and lasted about three minutes..."

("That's what SHE said.")

Sensuality is only natural in a holy relationship before God. Everything else will get you Alzheimer's (not a disease but a result)

Dat's jes' what I believe. But, not taking chances.'

@Set Free- ...Wha????

On the other hand.... wait. Where is the other hand?

I'm just surprised this didn't happen to the D.C. Metro.

yeah, it was on purpose.

Is no plac safe?

Hey Stixnstones, I wish everyone played it safe. Sin hurts everyone "involved.

Um... This is Dave Barry's blog. It usually features humorous comments based on absurd yet true stories picked by Dave or shared by several alert readers. No offense, but you seem to be taking the content a little too seriously. Maybe you'd be more comfortable in another blog...? (See: www.anncoulter.com)

Okay, now back to the funny pages...

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