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May 26, 2017


Models from the world's first agency for 'modified humans' have spent $3 MILLION between them on surgery to look like characters such as a Ken doll, Britney Spears and an ALIEN

(Thanks to Patty Villanova and Allen at Division)


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Two of these folks were on Dr. Oz today. Weird.

Gives new meaning, I think, to the term "plastic people".

And no, I usually don't watch Dr. Oz. I was flipping channels and watched about 45 seconds before I concluded it was not of interest to me.

The space aliens disavow knowledge of any species that looks this screwed up.

The actual dolls look more natural. Probably smarter too.

If they ever remake Rocky Horror Picture Show they gotta cast these guys. They are perfect.

Shrinks and pills would not have cost nearly as much.

What piece of advice would you take from any of them? Weird looks better.

Looks super compared to politics, however.

The look just needs the "right" catch phrase, like '/so what'

Or maybe "Big world daddy"

How about "But Mom, I just can't seem to find a job..."

Oops, they did it again . . .

A Ken doll? Why would anyone want their underpants grafted to them so it will not come off?

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