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May 02, 2017


2017’s Most Fun States in America


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If you experience *Fun* in CA you automatically qualify for a valid one of these.

Jeff M, help a sister out: How did Nightlife in NY rank 41?

Montana is more fun than Florida? I drove across that state and the most fun I had was trying to run down prairie dogs. Didn't get a single one, but that was because they could see me coming for approximately 20 miles.

States know for nightlife are Dakotas and Montana in this research, so eat your heart California and New York.
I guess because at night when everything is closed (restaurants close by 9 PM from my experience), you stay home and have sex, drink beer or watch TV, so you ARE enjoying life the most.

MOTW, all I can think is that the list is upside down. Or the guys at Dave's waste transfer place stuffed the ballot box.

Wyoming came in #6?? Things must have changed from when I spent 3 1/2 years in that wind tunnel state grading uranium for Exxon. The only nightlife was going to a cowboy bar, taking a chair with your back to the wall and wait for a fight to break out.

C'mon Dave, the most fun state is the Exit State.

(Did you learn nothing from Tony Robbins Seminar?)

Wyoming, Montana, and BOTH Dakotas made the Top 10. I have to agree with Jeff here.

You can stand outside in Fargo and wave to the people in Dickinson. That's some fun.

If you scroll down, you'll notice that 14 of their 22 evaluation metrics are "per capita". The emptier a state of people, the higher they'll rank on those elements.

Also, I think they may be about to disqualify NJ.

Clankie, I passed through Dickenson back in the early 70s. You could smell it for miles before you could see it. It definitely ranks.

"Stuffing the ballot box." Jeff, that's the best euphemism for pooping I've ever heard. I'm so using that in the future.

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