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May 31, 2017


Found: America’s Third Species of Flying Squirrel

(Thanks to John Mayson, who says "You mean people were looking?")


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Now we'll need to check ID's to make sure they use the right bathroom.

Key quote:

“There was just something weird” about the West Coast squirrels

It's come to this. The squirrel Air Force has a new weapon.

Bullwinkle needs all the help he can get.

They pack guns?

We have no choice but to immediately develop an anti-flying squirrel intercept missile and blow them out of the sky no matter what species they are.

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I did not fully understand this story. So, no.

Are you saying that West Coast squirrels have declared a war on Norther and East Coast squirrels?

I didn't know squirrels had gangs.

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