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May 02, 2017


‘Father and son’ recreate bath picture and no one can handle it

(Thanks to funny man)


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It is kind of gross.

@Theresa-I would say this IS gross. And yucky. And ETC.

#TUT (Throw Up Tuesday)

Eye bleach, stat!

There is no way you can make me click on that link.

MOTW- you have the right idea!

MOTW- I wish I had your wisdom!

MOTW- It is futile to resist. I've looked at least four times, and yes, I hate myself, but it's like trying not to scratch a poison ivy itch...while passing a traffic accident... and eating just one Lays potato chip.

This is, uh...wow..

I choose not to mess with poison ivy. I will scan a traffic accident to see if someone needs help, and if not, then look straight ahead. (I don't want to become part of another problem.) Potato chips .. ok, I'll give you that one. \(^.^)/

I don't have an idea of what exactly this is ....so I will heed the general wisdom and not click !

I really need to stop reading this blog during lunchtime.

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