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May 28, 2017


Canadian researchers have discovered a new species of meat-eating sponge in the North Atlantic Ocean.

(Thanks to David Emery, who believes the Meat-Eating Sponges opened for the Dead Kennedys)


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I blame the squirrels, and to a lesser degree, mad scientists.

There's little doubt by the time these sponges drift down to Florida, they will have evolved into carnivorous eating machines that feed in shallow, warm waters.

Send that sponge to the White House.

meat-eating sponge - that would be a teenager, right?

I dunno #markhh...I had an uncle who, when he came to visit, was quite a meat-eating sponge.

Remember, only red wine with plankton.

Red wine? Up close and personal? But some have eye, I guess ..(scenic)

White for scenic

Chore Boy becomes Chow Boy.

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