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May 04, 2017


"Disco Tits"'


(Thanks to Bill Hudgins, who asks "Can disco balls be far behind?"?)


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Why do I get the feeling that dad would prefer a woman with these over the sling shot for Father's Day?

Better wear some safety glasses when motorboating.

"All that's really required is that you smother your chest in glitter and rhinestones until you feel like a magical mermaid."

Can I feel like a magical MERMAN?

Didn't the open for The Bangles?

I'm pretty sure Disco Tits was a Frank Zappa tune.

Rudolph, I hope you're happy. I had to ask a male friend what motorboating was. He's still laughing at me. *SMACK*

Yes Nursecindy, that does make me happy. Also, you are correct - dads everywhere would prefer this over a slingshot, any day, with or without the glitter.

@ nc - we have the urban dictionary for a reason...


Well I don't know what "motorboating" is....shuffles back to geezer bus.

C'mon Disco Tits, let's Burn baby burn! Disco inferno!.

Another attempt by the glitter companies to perk up their sagging assets.

What a fantastic Fathers Day gift. Take dad to a gentleman's club and hire him a lap dance with glitter. He'll simply glow with delight.

I never knew I love motorboating.

My commercial captain's license requires specific safety equipment and lights when motorboating, according to the size of the vessel. I'm not aware of anything in the rules about glitter. What are the whistle signals?

If I see these on Disco Stu, I am outta here!

Perhaps this is a situation in which My Shiny Hiney could be put to good use?

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