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May 30, 2017


It's getting worse.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Those heartless bastards. Get a rope!

Those things are hard to make. Gnomes weren't built in day

She needs to post a photo on her web site of her looking really sad, and holding a sign reading: " Bring back our gnomes ". Yeah... That'll work.

Maybe they just wandered off. They could be gnomadic.

Did they escape to Nome? That Justin Trudeau is just too pretty for them.

They have boldly gone where no gnome has gone before.

"Gnomes come Home," cried Ms. Home.

The Canadian version of "Shane, Come back!", Joey cried.

The RCMP can't do much. A stolen gnome offers no recourse.

Someone will spill the beans eventually. After all, gnome man is an island.

*BIG GROAN* to all of the above comments.

Thank god they weren't Smurfs or the town would be blew all over!

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