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May 31, 2017


The company posted YouTube video showing what it says were thieves taking two shipping boxes containing more than 30,000 condoms in the Friday break-in.


(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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"Let's see if Thundering Nuts Louis will take them. He took the 7 crates of Ropex" we swiped last week.

I guess there will be an orgy in the neighboring trailer park.

Sex Toy Warehouse Thieves will be the next sequel to Ocean's 11, I believe.

They're gonna need a lot of Viagra.

SO if the four hours are broken up are you still supposed to,seek medical attention?
Asking for a friend

that's going to be a fun insurance claim

Two weeks' supply?

"Where the rubbers meet the robbers, and vice versa?"

If that company doesn't have condom theft insurance, they're really screwed.

The condoms were, of course, marked "Medium."

Highway rubbery.

Must be headed for Coachella. Actually, I kinda hope they are.

what happens in Vegas...

We're gonna need more, um, dates!

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