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May 28, 2017


2 men charged after SnapChat shows alligator forced to drink beer

Amazing Fact: Not Florida!

(Thanks to Al Barkafski and Matt Filar)


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Vicious Green lives with numerous teeth matter.

Because drunk alligators make such lovely lawn ornaments? No?

What a terrible thing to do! This could lead to alligators attacking beer trucks and ripping them open. Of course, it could end when they attack a Bud Lite truck.

You know, if you're the kind of person who can force an alligator to drink cheap beer, I do not think you have much fear of the law.

The alligator looks underage, maybe law enforcement could use that angle.

I wish Mama and Daddy Alligator had shown up to teach him a lesson.

Yeah there should be laws in place, even if they are in-laws. Yeah makes no sense..

They really should stop all fraternity hazing.

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