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May 28, 2017


Woman, 45, claims she is 'married' to a train station - which she has sex with 'in her mind'

(Thanks to John Mayson)


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She obviously juggles often.

"C'mon baby, ride this train"--Quad City DJs.

Suppose she took them too literally?

Objectophilia is an interesting subject with many documented cases. Back in the years I worked in mental hospitals, we had one guy who fell so totally in love with a trash can he couldn't function away from it. Then there was the case of a German woman who in 1977 fell in love with and 'married' the Berlin Wall. Unfortunately, that relationship came to a sad end in 1989.

She wears onesies AND fanny packs? That is one lucky train station.

It would have to be a very "open" relationship, with so many visiators, right?

California -- producer of nuts and fruits.

It seems obvious that the natural partner of a woman is not a railway station.

And best to say so. Even if someone accuses you of being trainsphobic.

"Wanna see my roundhouse?"

Hey baby check out my caboose!

Dagnabit! If I had fallen in love with a train station 52 years ago, I'd have a lot more money now.

Guts for attention, i'll bet. Not heart..

I bet it signifies something to her, plain and simple. Like the comings and goings of people. I don't believe what they say, about it being a specified condition.
It's just blown out of proportion, whatever the reason. Most people are searching for freedom, not truth. Which is totally weird, because freedom comes from knowing the truth.

'I'm in love with the cross of Christ. It signifies true freedom, ..
From sin.

Wonder how trhe station would feel if she were "pulling a train"? Does everything have to be scheduled? Women always talk about training their husbands. How much training would it take to train a train station? Train yard training? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

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