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May 16, 2017


A BBC reporter found himself attracting a lot of attention on social media after he accidentally grabbed a woman’s breast during a live broadcast.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Dave when you feel the Brit getting the upper hand in the upcoming debate, have a woman slap him in the face for just thinking about it. If He catches it say to him, "You know why Mr. innocent."

"Ben Brown, BBC, keeping you abreast of the situation."

Good thing he didn't ask if "those things" are real.

Oh geez. Why do people make such a big deal of this? Get over it people.

Do they have Hooters in the UK, or are they only here in America?

People were watching, that was his second mistake.

Oh, the number of times I've "accidentally" done that... Although usually, I was smiling.

As I always say, "That can happen to anyone, Your Honor".

When I played the video, it was followed by an ad for (ISIANMTU) truehardwoods.com

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