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April 26, 2017


Simon the giant bunny found dead after United Airlines flight

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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3-Foot Giant Continental Rabbit opened for James Brown.

One of the United flight crew later commented the rabbit was "delicious."

Did he refuse to give up his seat?

A lot of that going around....

They could have just asked the rabbit to change out of his leggings, but noooooo...

That's why I tell all MY BUNNIES to go BY CAR!

Ex-hare at O'Hare.

Hare today, hasenpfeffer tomorrow.

They killed HARVEY !!!!!!

I agree with LeDud. United Airlines just can't catch a break.

U A is the poster child for Teleportation.

*books United flight for Bugs Bunny

Pall bearers for Simon include:

B. Bunny
Y. Sam
T. Devil
D. Duck
E. Fudd

Before there were cell phone videos...

Kill da wabbit!.

"Ladies and gentlemen, for your in-flight snack in coach, we have a choice of pretzels or chips. For our first class passengers, Giant Rabbit stew."

Holy hasenpfeffer!

The plot thickens. United (finally) has admitted that they killed da wabbit (by accidentally placing the bunny in a chiller container while waiting for a connecting flight) causing the rabbit to freeze to death. As if that wasn't enough, United also then cremated the rabbit's remains without the owner's permission. Where does it end?

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