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April 27, 2017


Mystery man dumps two CHICKENS inside a crowded peak-hour train carriage before fleeing

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Whya chickens? Whya no shark?

Ben Stiller?...

They... are now in the care of a NSW Trainlink employee

Original Recipe or Extra Crispy?

Next come the eggs.

Meanie - Are you sure the eggs didn't arrive on an earlier train? Who can say which came first...?

Metra trains in Chicagoland encourage leaving a chicken behind after your travel as a good luck charm.

Most get sacrificed, but it's still a regular practice.

Stix - a very metaphysical question. What even is "earlier"? Earlier on that mystical contrivance called a schedule, or earlier in terms of actual arrival time? And let's not even get started on what is meant by "arrival" ....

Is a chicken's destination the other side of the road, or is it something greater? Perhaps lesser? Or is it tracks, not road? Does it ever truly reach the other side?

(What the hell is in these eggs?)

Maybe he just wanted to see POULTRY IN MOTION.

Thank you. I'll be here all week. (Thankfully, the week is almost over.)

It wasn't "Bring your chicken to work" Day?

Chicken Dumping would NOT BAGBFARB. Hope they catch the mother-clucker.

They just needed another option instead of flying United.

General Tso is at it again.

When the chicken dumper got home his wife was furious. "You old fool, I told you to steal two chickens for dumplings, not steal two chickens and DUMP them!"

Chickens drivin' Cadillacs to Canberra ACT....

...when I set my chickens FREE!

-Merle Haggard, down under

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