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April 12, 2017


Never throw a lit cigarette into a sewer.

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Another good tip is don't light a cigarette while using a propane incinerating outhouse that has a leaking hose.

... and the rocket's red glare

From a newspaper caption for this story; "he was staring into the whole when the explosion occurred."
Perhaps they are blaming this on quantum?

True story: Old farmer of our acquaintance retreated to the long-unused 2-holer with his pipe and newspaper to get some peace and quiet. He knocked the still lit coal from his pipe into the other hole and blew up the outhouse. No propane required, just methane buildup. He made the local paper but not the blog since Al Gore had not invented the Internet.

Smoking kills.

When it comes to quitting smoking ---
patches before matches.

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