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April 27, 2017


Patient didn’t realise he had a glass BOTTLE up his bum until he went to hospital with stomach pains and spotted it in an X-ray

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Calling nursecindy!

She's the Blog Expert on these sorts of things.

I will never understand the appeal of sticking large objects up one's butt. Am I missing something?

Patty -- my guess is that missing would prevent getting the point.

Wouldn't spotting something glass with radioactive material be dangerous for a performance art project?

"... Sent to laboratory for further analysis..."

Yep...It's a bottle. Where did you say you found this?

Seems like the perfect inspiration for a limerick to be written. Poets, proceed!

I wonder if there was a message inside it, too.

Sometimes, it's not worth the effort to return bottles for the deposit...

It was a million to one shot, Doc. Million to one.

Any bets this was a "Hold my beer and watch this." moment?

That's no way to keep your beverage cold.

Okay, Michael -
There once was a chap named McShamus
Who awoke with a pain in his anus.
To his buddies he asked,
"Have you gents seen me flask?"
They said, "Mac, when you find it, don't blame us!"

@ Michael:

There once was a fellow named Hurst
Whose bum had a beer-bottle thirst.
"Why'd you stuff it there, chap?"
"Well, to pry off the cap.
'cause I'd swallowed the opener first."

He misheard the lyrics of Glass Onion and that it was "Glass up my bum.."

I'm not saying it was Aliens but...

Back to reality, tomorrow..
Truth be told
There's no 'accident where there's drunkenness

He gave it the bum rush.

Not good at lymericks, went with a haiku.

Missing beer bottle
Mysterious back side pain
Brief dubious fame

I'm late with my comment but (Har!) most of the people I saw in the e.r. had Maglite flashlights stuck up there. I never understood why unless it's because they were afraid of the dark. They also never could tell us how it got there.

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