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April 28, 2017


Man drinks 13 beers during a half marathon he didn't train for

(Thanks to Ralph, which we're guessing is also what this man did)


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“I thought, you know, I’ll do it, but I haven’t been training properly. How do I run it without being worried about my time?” The answer was "beer."

Is there nothing it can't do?

Hydration is important

Then he wrote that headline.

Let's hope he won't be designing bridges as an engineer.

He would appear to be well-trained for the thirteen beers part.

Wait, you said he drank beer, but in the picture he's drinking Coors Light.

NMUA -- you beat me to it, verbatim!

What padraig said.

I'd rather drink 13 bottles of water.

In some road races, you can be disqualified for drinking other than from official stations

Wait'll he does the Ironman Triathlon next year.

I've done that.
Except for the running part

When I first read the headline I thought--they have beer drinking marathons and I'm just now finding out about them!

Think of how far he could run on a case of beer !

Next year, he could be sponsored by Depends. That would solve one problem...

Okay, for now. But just remember he's gonna have to drink 26 beers for a full marathon.

Look for his new book, "From the Couch to a Half Marathon in 13 Beers."

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